Weekend Football Training

Our weekend football training takes place on Saturdays at 10:45 am at the Bai-Ling sports fields. Note that the date and location of training may vary from time to time due to field availability, so be sure to confirm with us before you come along.

The training session usually lasts about 1.5 – 2 hours. The Taiwan Celts coaches have developed a great program for the season to get the mens and ladies panels in shape and into competitive mode.

The Saturday schedule gets underway with a set of fitness and skills exercises designed to improve each players abilities on the field. You can start at your own pace, but as the season progresses the training gradually increases in intensity. We also play a set of short Gaelic football games to give players the experience of a competitive game, and build up the team work; a vital element in Gaelic Football.

It get’s pretty hot and humid in Taipei during the summer, so essential items to bring to training are water and sunblock.

If possible try to have a pair of proper football boots with studs on the bottom for grip. If all else fails, a good pair of trainers. Unlike soccer, the ball can be caught in the hands in Gaelic football so some people prefer to also use sports gloves for extra grip on the ball, however these are optional.

We have players who travel from as far as Taichung and Hsinchu for the weekend training. With the High Speed Rail system, the journey from Taichung to Taipei station takes about 45 minutes, and Hsinchu-Taipei takes about 25 minutes.

If you plan to come along, let us know in advance and we can provide the phone numbers of committee members in case you need any assistance.

All new guys and gals are very welcome!

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