2013 Asia Gaelic Games, Kuala Lumpur Oct 12 & 13

Taiwan Celts at KL in 2012It is getting to that time of year again – the Taiwan Celts main championship is approaching – The Asia GAA Games in Malaysia on Oct 12 -13.

The Taiwan Celts will hopefully be represented by four teams this year – 2 Mens, 1 Ladies and a Legends team.

We are currently training 3 times a week – Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday as we prepare to return to Taiwan on Oct 14 with silverware, big smiles and sore bodies.

If any new members are interested in coming and trying out please get in contact with us through facebook (www.facebook.com/taiwancelts) or our email address (taiwancelts@gmail.com).

We will also be hosting a tournament in Sept’13 in Taipei (with Shanghai & Malaysia visiting) and will have social events organized throughout the season.