The Sport

Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football is the main sport of Asian GAA, and the rules have been relaxed to make it easier for soccer players, rugby players, basketball players and any new comers to quickly adopt the new sport. There are separate mens and ladies teams and competitions, but the rules and skills involved are the same in each case.

Traditionally a Gaelic Football team is comprised of 15 players, but in most Asian competitions we play 9 player teams with 3 substitutes; and with no limitation on how often we make substitutions. Passing, support and teamwork are key elements in any good Gaelic Football team.


Hurling is a fast-paced and highly skilled game that is also an official sport of Asian GAA. It is played with a flat, curved wooden bat called a Hurley and a small leather ball called a Sliotar. While the skills of Hurling are very different to Gaelic Football, the general rules and team layouts are very similar in both sports.

The uniqueness and skilled nature of Hurling makes it less easy for new players to adapt to, and the sport is not as popular in Asia as Gaelic football. However some Taiwan Celts hurlers do compete in Hurling competitions each year.

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