Singapore 2007 Tour Report

Blood, sweat, more sweat and tears doesn’t even begin to describe the pain and effort that went into an historic victory by the Taiwan Celts Men’s Team to win the Bowl final in Singapore and a narrow defeat in the semi’s for the Taiwan Celts Ladies Team in a very competitive Plate competition.

The club went to the Games with high expectations after the Girl’s won the Bowl competition in Shanghai last year, but to come away with silverware two years in a row is truly fantastic. Every player gave their all on the field of battle and were left with nothing in reserve when they left the pitch. The sheer level of commitment and sportsmanship from both of the Taiwan Celts Teams was awesome and this showed in the popularity of the Men’s Team’s win, which was heralded as a mighty triumph.

Throughout the weekend the Taiwan Celts played, sang and drank themselves into the hearts of all the participants, which included teams from Thailand, Vietnam (North & South), Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Dubai and China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong).

At the end of the day the Ladies Team lost narrowly in their Plate semi-final against the Singapore Exiles, while the Men faced off the Singapore Barbarians Rugby Team, who were captained by none other than former English International Rugby player Phil Greening. However, Greening and the physical nature of the Rugby team was no match for Captain Fantastic Ronan Quinlan and the superhuman skills and speed of the Taiwan Celts who ran out victors by 4 points and signed themselves into the Asian Gaelic Games history books.

2007 Singapore Asian Gaelic Games

Taiwan brought one squad for each of the men’s and women’s competition in Singapore. The men managed to find some success on the weekend to come home with hardware from winning the bowl trophy.

2007 Asiain Gaelic Clubs Review

The Taiwan Celts are chiseled directly out of the mythical Lin San Bei Lu mountains, which tower above the sea of clouds in the valley of the Tigers that lies in the heart of Taiwan.

Those good enough to make the elite Taiwan Celts men’s and women’s teams train for well over 365 mins in all the ancient arts of Gaelic football and evasion tactics behind enemy lines, in particular the oppositions half-forward line. Our boots put in over 93,000 hours of kicking practise to ensure that our quality goal kicking is second to none and after we rescue kittens out of trees and help little old ladies across the road with their shopping we settle down with a pint of the black stuff and write hit tunes such as, “Are we all happy…”

It is our unrelenting dedication to excellence and dragon slaying that makes us a super-power in the Gaelic Games universe, but what is a team of super-heroes without a nemesis? For lately we have grown hungry and restless for battle, so how convenient is it that once again the time draws near for the Asian Gaelic Games and a chance for us to prove our worth in the bars and pubs of Singapore.

For no other Team will be left standing after the last glass is drained and the last draft drunk except the Celts, we will come, drink, sing and conquer; failing that our women will retain the Bowl, which they won so valiantly in last year’s championship, God Bless the Women.

Led by our fearless captains Ronan and Rachael we will take to the Polo grounds in Singapore on our Connemara ponies and ride like the wind to victory.